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 Adding Value To Your Business

There are many good agencies and recruitment companies around the London and South East area and we recognise that your choice of which one to use is a difficult one. That is why we make it easy to engage our services and work with us to find the right staff, at the right time and at an acceptable cost. 

Our aim is to work with you as an extension of your organisation in the search for talent.  We understand how difficult and frustrating it can be when you have invested time, effort and energy in sourcing valuable candidates only to find they have taken another job and not told you. That takes time and distracts you away from your normal priorities.

Leave it to us and we will project manage each hire with a timeline and keep you informed during each critical stage. The more we work with you, the more we build relationships and learnings and that allows us to understand more and more about the skillsets that would suit your needs and we can then keep a passive lookout for you for future hirings.

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Whether you are a candidate or a client, we undertake to treat every person with the respect and dignity as a minimum. We understand and empathise with the stress and frustration of finding a new position, or finding staff that suit your needs, particularly in this very competitive market place.

Understanding the value of a diverse workforce, we feel that Peter Knight Recruitment Ltd go beyond finding people jobs and aim to match people whose expectations meet the needs of company cultures. In other words, we try to fit people’s behaviour to those expected by the employing companies.

When candidates meet with our consultants, we encourage people to challenge why they would be suitable for the roles that they are interested in how the potential value the new role will give their careers. We also spend time preparing candidates for interview as we feel this allows the client to see each person at their personal best  This helps boost candidate confidence and acts as a double check the candidate is fully briefed. Nothing worse than a poorly prepared candidate is there?

Peter Knight Recruitment Ltd has a very high fill rate and our techniques are based on tried and tested practices.  We are passionate about getting the details right first time and welcome your feedback.  If you like what we do, tell everyone. If you don’t like what we have done, tell us so we can work out how we can improve the way in which we work.


We look forward to working with you in the future and wish you success in finding the career move that you are looking for, or the staff that you need.

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